1. How to LOGIN

Please login before enrollment by clicking at "LOGIN" menu. Please acknowledge after the "Certification" window appear , then student enter the student code, and initial password (birth date/month/year) given from the Office of the Registrar. After that, click at "LOGIN" button below.

  2. Enrollment

After login is completed, click at "ENROLLMENT" menu at the left hand for entering Enrollment Window.

  • This Menu will be displayed only on enrollment period. Student can check from "Calendar" Menu.
  • After enrollment is completed, that button will be disappeared. Student can check from "Enrollment Result" Menu.
    Then select the enrollment types as follow:


    2.1 Normal enrollmentis used for general enrollment by entering course code, and group study, then press "save" button


    2.2 Extraordinary enrollment is used for cross-leveled enrollment by selecting study type or course credit (self-enrollment), method, study level by entering course code, group study, course credit, and grade system, then press "save" button to save the data

  • To check the courses being offered, click at "Course - Class" menu.
  • To display the courses as to Curriculum Structure, click at "Curriculum Information" menu.
  • To acknowledge the enrollment expenses, click at " " menu. (The system will calculate unless there is no error in the enrollment list.)
  • To display study/exam timetable, click at " " menu.
  • Recorded list is still kept in database if not yet confirmed the result.
      To cancel the selected course, press at "Delete" button. Editing the enrolled course list until you are certain, after that doing enroll confirmation.
      3. Enrollment Confirm

    Enroll confirmation done by clicking at "Enrollment Confirm" menu at the left hand to make enrollment effectively. The window will be displayed the result of enrolled course list, press at "Enrollment Confirm" button if you are certain. Then, this confirmation is completed and is unchangeable.

      4. Late/Add/Drop Enrollment

    "Late Enrollment" menu will be displayed on the period of late enrollment, student can do the same as course enrollment. "Add/Drop Enrollment" menu will be displayed on the period of add/drop enrollment, student can record the add/drop courses and then pay the enrollment expenses at the Division of Finance and Accounting at the President's Office.

      ** Student can print out the payment slip from anywhere throughout the country and can take the
    payment slip to pay at the bank as stated in the slip **